Friday, March 5, 2010

to the presses...

I have more sex for you! Writing the rough draft today, will edit tomorrow, and have it on by Sunday if all goes according to plan. Meanwhile I'm doing some real time research - can't write what you don't know right?

As you know I've had a long run on the migraines the past month or so, had a break, then it was back. Yesterday was the sleep deprived EEG at Hermann Hospital where the tech Jennie was very nice; and last night between taking the children out to a birthday dinner for my stepdaughter, and going back downstairs to visit - there was the unplanned hot lustful sex! The adorable husband was reading all the signals (been too many days!) and I figured I was only going to take some drugs to kill the pain building in my head and sleep anyway.... And I"m sure I read somewhere that orgasms are good for a headache. That sounds right yes?

There was of course the distracting effort of attempting not to make the headboard slam against the wall, and the gritting of teeth to repress the screams since the children were in the house and we (I told you it was spontaneous!) had not turned on the television to provide a sound cover. So I'm feeling better today, still tired from the night without sleep but nice and a bit sore in all the right places.

If you can please go over to Powder Room Graffiti where I have an article today about how the adorable husband and I were reunited.


  1. Orgasms are good for migraine. And, if not, who cares? They are what they are and they're good for many things.